What is the purpose of the Vesta Awards?

The Vesta Awards were created by Hearth & Home magazine to encourage and drive innovation in design and technology in the hearth, barbecue and patio industries. Its goal is to continually push the industry forward for the benefit of manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike.

How many people attend the Vesta Award Ceremony, and who are they?

Attendance at the Vesta Awards Ceremony is tied to attendance of the HPBExpo. Prior to the downturn, it was as high as 2,800; now it is around 1,500. Attendees are primarily manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and others allied to those fields.

Is Hearth & Home the same as HPBA?

No. Hearth & Home magazine is a trade magazine that covers news and trends in the Hearth, Barbecue and Patio industries. HPBA (Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association) is the North American industry association that provides professional member services and industry support in government relations, events, market research, education, certifications, consumer education and industry promotions. 

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Does Hearth & Home choose the Vesta winners and finalists? 

No, we do not. Hearth & Home magazine handles entries and payments and organizes the Vesta Awards ceremony, but a panel of judges deliberate and decide who places or wins.

Who are the Vesta Judges? 

The Vesta Awards judges are a balanced representation of the industry that includes retailers, distributors, product designers, consultants and industry leaders. Interested in becoming a Vesta Judge? Please contact Erica Paquette, erica@vestaawards.com.

How do the judges choose finalists and winners? 

The Vesta judges have a list of criteria on which they judge each product, including general design, construction, customer advantages, technology, and whether or not the product advances the industry. Each team is made up of two or more judges who deliberate together until they agree upon which products deserve designation as a finalist or a winner.

What qualifies a product for the Vesta Awards? 

To qualify for the 2021 Vesta Awards, a product must have been created for the 2021 sales year.

When does judging take place? Can I request a time to be judged? 

Judging begins at 8am on Thursday, before the exhibition floor opens. Each judging team is given certain categories to judge, and they independently decide on the most efficient manner in which to navigate the show floor and the Outdoor Burn area. Because the judges have a limited time frame to cover all of their categories’ entries, they cannot promise to be at a certain booth at a specific time.

Can I enter multiple products into one category?


Can I enter one product into multiple categories? 


Can I win in multiple categories? 

You cannot win multiple categories with the same product (the Best-In-Show awards are the exception to this rule, of course). You can however win a category with one product, and another category with a different product.

Can I be invoiced for my Vesta entry? 

Unfortunately, no. Our online payment form is powered by PayPal. You don’t need a PayPal account to use it, and it is perfectly safe and secure. You can also download our credit card form and fax it back to us. Check back on November 1st for a link to the PDF form.

What does Early Entry do? 

Early entry gives you a reduced price per entry. For the 2021 Vesta Awards, enter a product on or before January 15, 2021, and the price per entry is only $200. Enter after, and the price per entry is $250. Early entry does not increase your chances of winning. 

What is the drop-dead deadline to enter the Vesta Awards?

For the 2021 Vesta Award program, all entries MUST be submitted by February 12, 2021.

What are the photo requirements for Vesta Award entries? 

All photos must be high resolution (300ppi) and at least 4-in. by 6-in. in dimension. Please do not send us photography with your company’s logo on the images. Renderings of products are exceptable, but a real model of your product must be present for judging.

I have a product to enter, but do not have a photo yet. What do I do? 

For incomplete entries, all entry materials (product details, photo, contact information, etc.) for the 2021 Vesta Awards MUST be submitted to us no later than February 25, 2021, or your entry cannot be processed.

If I advertise with Hearth & Home, does that increase my chances of winning? 

No, it does not. Again, Hearth & Home magazine only manages the Vesta Awards Program, but it has nothing to do with choosing winners and finalists. 

What can I do to increase my chances of winning?

Create the most innovative product in your category for the 2021 sales year.

How long can I speak on stage if I win? 

Out of respect for the audience’s time and the staff at both the convention center and HPBA, we ask that you keep your winning speech under three minutes.

What do I get if I place as a finalist or win a Vesta Award?

Bragging rights.

But more specifically, if you place as a finalist in the Vesta Awards, you receive a wooden finalist plaque that can be hung up or leaned up against something sturdy (the plaques are not light). After the show wraps, you will also receive a high resolution Finalist logo to be used on your website or in advertising.

If you win, you will receive a 15lb. Vesta trophy made of solid New Hampshire granite and a purple Vesta Winner flag to be displayed in your booth. After the show wraps, you will receive a high resolution Winner logo to be used on your website or in advertising as well as a DVD of the Vesta Awards Ceremony.

Best-in-Show winners receive a bonus 18lbs. Vesta trophy made of solid black marble. 

But whether you place or not, you will receive a Vesta Awards decal that you can stick to your product and highlight it as a Vesta entry. NOTE: Products that are also on display in the New Products Pavilion will receive a second decal for this display.

If I win a Vesta Award, can I order more trophies for my other locations? 

Yes, you can. Please contact Erica Paquette, erica@vestaawards.com and she will help you with the details. Keep in mind that each trophy is 15lbs. of solid New Hampshire granite, so they are not inexpensive.

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How does this award show benefit me? 

Every industry thrives on creating innovative products. At the Vesta Ceremony, you will see 60 of the most innovative products at the Expo, all up on 15-ft. screens, while you relax in comfort.

Can I take pictures at the Vesta Award Ceremony? 

You certainly can, and flash photography is acceptable.

I missed the Vesta Award Ceremony! How can I find out who won?

There are multiple ways to find out who took home a Vesta Award. If you are attending the HPBExpo, you can visit Hearth & Home’s booth Saturday morning where there will be print outs detailing all winners and finalists.

You can also visit www.vestaawards.com/winners, which will be updated Saturday morning following the award ceremony with the new year’s winners. If you are subscribed to Hearth & Home’s eNews, a notification will be emailed right to you as soon as the website has been updated.

If none of this sounds appealing to you, not to worry. Subscribe to Hearth & Home magazine, and you’ll be able to read all about the winners and finalists in detail in our Vesta Awards recap article in our April issue. 

Do I really get free wine if I attend?

Yes, you do!

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