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The Vesta Awards were created by Hearth & Home magazine to recognize and honor manufacturers for their innovation in product design and/or technology.

wood products trophy outdoor hearth products trophy gas products trophy pellet products trophy charcoal, wood barbecues and smokers trophy electric products trophy gas barbecues trophy hearth products, other fuels trophy barbecues, other fuels trophy central heating systems trophy barbecue accessories trophy hearth accessories trophy outdoor room equipment trophy hearth, barbecue components and controls trophy outdoor room furnishings trophy the art of fire trophy

Awards will be presented at an industry-wide ceremony on Friday, March 9, 2018.

The reception and awards program will take place from
4:45PM-6:45PM in the Karl F. Dean Grand Ballroom
at the Music City Center, Nashville, Tennessee.

Nashville, TN

nashville, tennessee


Only new products exhibited at the HPBExpo and created for sale in the year 2018 are eligible.
Products previously shown at an HPBExpo are not eligible.
Changes or additions to an existing product previously exhibited do not qualify.
You must have a working, full-sized model of your product at your booth at the time of judging.


There are 16 categories including one special award in which products may be entered. In each category, a winner and two finalists will be selected.* In addition, two Best-in-Show winners will be selected:
Best-in-Show – Hearth Products, and Best-in-Show – Outdoor Room Products.


Vesta judges are selected from the ranks of retailers, distributors, designers,
laboratory scientists, affiliate leaders and other industry members.

*Judges have the discretion not to declare a winner, or finalists,
if they believe there is nothing truly innovative in the category entries.